Sunday, April 22, 2012

Treacherous Heart

Picture?type=squarebyLyn Carr

Deceitful one would guide me then;
To follow it now would be a sin,
I know this to be true because,
Everything it gave to me was false.
Trickery then became the rule;
When I let it lead me like a fool,
Mercilessness would seize the day;
As it lead me on and far away…
While it’s easy to believe its lies,
For it promises everlasting ties;
To fulfilled hopes and dreams galore,
It pulls me in then shuts the door.
In the dark I’ll search for light,
Only to know it’s black as night.
If I can somehow break its hold,
I’ll never miss the lies it told.
Allowing Wisdom in, then before long,
My inner peace becomes more strong;
As I learn Knowledge from above,
I’ll know the meaning of true love.
Copyright Ó 2012 Wanda Lyn Carr

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