Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mystic Visions

Picture?type=squarebyLyn Carr

Candlelit reflections through crystal
glass-mirrowing image of flame in the eyes;
Lucid shadows in renaissance pass into
tender expression-illusions surmise.
Captivating potion dominates the air;
carressing the spirit of insistance,
Continually overtaken in a sigh of despair,
successively defying resistance.
Awed by the masque and the thesbian-
Powerless and withered in subversion,
parodoxing shades of color and light
looms through depths of coercion.
Mist-colored spirals surround the room;
as artistic deception takes hold-
of willing victims who lose heart and soul
in the dark of forboding gloom.
Through mystic visions,'behold a mirage,'
As reality descends in the shadows; and
dancing devils of hearts espionage-allures-
with secret desire into the flame.
Copyright Ó 2003 Wanda Lyn Carr

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