Sunday, April 22, 2012

Love Rising

Picture?type=squarebyLyn Carr

Blazing like an ambient Sun;
Searing onward sparing none,
Deeply piercing heart and soul;
Having lost all self control.
Washing in like a restless tide,
Searching through the great divide;
For any eager open heart,
Willing to let it play its part.
Then before they realize,
There’s no room for compromise.
Caught up in the Rising of,
This crazy thing that they call Love.
Falling out of touch and time;
Feeling euphorically sublime,
Lost in blissful connotations;
Soaking in all of its sensations.
Always it will lift them there,
Through its grandiose love affair;
As reason takes a distant stroll,
They will lose their heart and soul.
Caught up in the Rising of
This crazy thing that they call Love.
Copyright Ó 2012 Wanda Lyn Carr


  1. Lyn,

    There is almost a resounding musical crescendo to your poem. Very powerful and evocative words.

    Nice to have found you via Poets United:)


    1. Thank you very much Eileen. Much appreciated.