Sunday, April 22, 2012

To a Daughter

Picture?type=squarebyLyn Carr

I’ve always treasured your loveliness and happy laughter in my heart your presence warms my soul - you- with wisdom beyond your years.
You’ve come to know how the pain of this life can sometimes be unforgiving yet you can trust in God to relieve your many fears.
Always you have given me a reason to hold on to something bigger than myself and you give me brightness in the cold dark night.
Forever you will be the blessing of love to anyone who will ever know you and you will always be the one who shines in the light.
Love your life with all its freedom and never forget to be thankful for every breath then you will always have the wisdom to care.
You are loved with a love that no other can ever surpass in this lifetime and no one could ever hold - you - this precious gift of mine that I have to share.
Copyright Ó 2012 Wanda Lyn Carr

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