Sunday, April 22, 2012

Natures' Song

Picture?type=squarebyLyn Carr

In the brightly lit forest that lies below
the redwoods and floral bouquets grow.
Wandering through its moss covered floor
with mists on its leaves from the rains
before; waters are streaming from its
running spring. Off in the distance the
sparrows sing. Sunlight beams dance upon
the trees. A soft wind whispers a caressing
breeze. The pale blue sky paints the
landscape; hovering with its cloud-covered
cape. At dusk the shadows sprint about...
dancing with the moonbeams no doubt. Night
closes in while creatures rest except for
the owl, perching his nest. An awesome
tapestry all its own; the forest itself
will not stand alone. Its fertile spirit
breathes life everlong, with the rustling
sounds of natures' song.
Copyright Ó 2005 Wanda Lyn Carr


  1. Shadows dancing with moonbeams...great concept.

    I enjoyed cloud cape, too.

  2. Thank you Jack. Glad it could be shared and glad you appreciated it.