Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Writing is good for the soul my latest creation:
Through flowing waves of crystal water the sun brightly glistens with just a glitter in the window of time; as tiny droplets of soft rain pellets land gently onto their surface in colors sublime,
Floral scents are blowing sweetly through the wind that travels over the watery deep; while softly passing by all the lovely winged creatures awakened as they begin to stir from sleep,
Rustling leaves in tall branches of giant prickly stalks standing dignified throughout the broadways upon the landscape; as gentle waves of water begin rushing over the tiny grains of sand like a massive cape,
Soaking in the rays of light are the ones joyfully playing all along the spacious shore; as the warmth of precious memories linger within this moment forever more.
Under the deep water canopy stirs in the distance a flowing existence of many colors and vibrant living beings; as colorfully decorated ships floating effortlessly above are sailing.
Lost in the beauty of a moment in time is everlastingly printed upon the minds of those sharing; as if a distant photograph is cherished in the essence of capturing - it can never slip away…
Copyright Ó 2012 Wanda Lyn Carr