Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cascading Fountains Flowing Down Majestic Mountains

Picture?type=squarebyLyn Carr

                       Caressing liquid begins to pour
                       Avalanching patterns releasing more
                       Springs washing down to the valley floor
                       Channeling and trickling into open streams
                       Atriums for gathering of drink offerings
                       Descending over solid rock formations
                       Islands soak in welcomed celebrations
                       Nestling the landscape in natures’ fun
                       Glistening from light reflecting the sun


                        Filling jars from the gushing faucets
                        Opulent floating dishes there for banquets
                        Ultra pious rains, they dance in garnets
                        Nurturing every creatures thirst
                        Torrents of jetting waters burst
                        Ancient ruins decorate the gardens
                        Interior courtyards are lovers’ havens
                        Navigating ripples for the lovely swans
                        Sculpted masks in the form of bronze


                        Frequent bathers bask in marble basins
                        Luxurious washing around garden fountains
                        Overcome by perfumed scented curtains
                       Waders relaxing under floral-herbed canopies
                        Intertwined in their ritualistic pleasantries
                        Nuances of emotion linger in the air
                        Glistening waters flowing everywhere


                        Draping ornaments clyster all around
                        Overflowing life and purity surround
                        Wisdom and love from the arts unfold
                        New beginnings and stories yet to be told


                        Music from natures’ soulful choir
                        Alluring the masses throughout every hour
                        Jewels of pure beauty giving of their light
                        Every color imagined for the eyes’ delight
                        Savoring images of wonderments galore
                        Taken to places all around every shore
                        Imaginable fancies create little heavens
                        Canals enclose spaces through paradise gardens


                        Massive forces moving to a lonely beat
                        Ongoing regeneration giving off their heat
                        Uniformed changes in a willful retreat
                        Never ending shapes along valley plains
                        Tracing the landscape and all that remains
                        Allowing its legacies a marking in time
                        Interwoven crevices there ready to climb
                        Now adorning the labyrinthine emblazonment
                        Sempiternal existence beyond the firmament

                              Copyright Ó 2012 Wanda Lyn Carr

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